First blog post

I seriously doubt anyone will be reading this so i guess it doesnt matter what i say. I started this blog because alot of people have told me i should tell my life story which is so odd… like who cares? 

So an intro i spose? My name is jessica im 25 and im usually a stay at home mum, currently im 10months into a long drawn out hospital stay. My husband naresh and i have 2 beautiful babies, monica (4) and ryan (3). I am a paraplegic and use a wheelchair fulltime which i spose i will eventually write about. I suffer from major depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder which i spose i will also wrote about. Theres nothing else that interesting about me to say. 

So i dont read blogs and i have no idea how im ment to end it? Bye? Have a good day? Thankyou for reading? So all of those things ☺️
Just a little poem i wrote a while ago 


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