My car accident

I wrote this in 2010 so forgive my lack of grammar, i didnt re write it because it can be hard to think about 

my accident 15 July 2007people have been telling me to write this down for a while so

i finally decided to do it, i hope it explains everything =]

it was a sundry like any other week my family was getting
tiredly up to go to church, i was 15 and starting to find out
who i was. my family of 5 got in to the car and we headed off
to church, it had rained the previous night and the roads
were slippery. 

i was sitting in the middle back seat wearing a lap seat belt
between my brother and sister and i remember talking to my
sister about what jobs we had to do at church today. we
were half way there and we approached the roundabout at
about 50kph and went through, on the way through my dad
blanked out and didn’t turn through the roundabout we hit
the curb where i could hear my mum begin to scream i was
frozen in place and i screamed out ‘Kim’ (my dad) he
swerved to the side and we went fast across the road, where
we hit a fence. 

my mum was still screaming and began to cry, instantly i
couldn’t feel my legs and began to scream that out, which
made my mothers screaming worse. the pain was so intense
and i couldn’t stand it, my brother who was on my left
opened the door and walked out of the car and just walked
away, i fell to the side and screamed for him to help me out i
took off my seat belt and tried to get out of the car by this
stage all the car doors were open and cars who had seen the
accident stopped to help. my dad was standing in front of
me whilst my head was on the ground and my legs were still
in the car, a man who had stopped was trying to help move
me but Kim knowing better wouldn’t let him.
this whole time mum was crying and i was saying i cant feel
my legs over and over, at first ijust thought it was numb and
if i got out of the car and walked around it would be ok. the
ambulance came and helped me out, they took me and my
sister to the hospital while the rest of my family went to a
different soon as we arrived i was seperated from
my sister and in a big scary emergency room. I was 15 and
didn’t understand why they wouldn’t let me get up or why i
couldn’t feel my legs.
later that day i was moved to another hospital by my self, all
that day different doctors came and touched different parts
of my legs and asked me if i could feel it, with every touch i
got more and more scared because i still couldn’t feel it, the
numbness wasn’t going away. that night i was alone in my
hospital room where an old smart looking doctor came and
did the same test, when he was finished he told me i had
broken my back and had a spinal cord injury and that i was a
complete paraplegic and needed an operation. i didn’t
understand any of this and was alone and scared, 2 days
later i had a 6 hour operation where i had my spine fused my
t12 and 11 vertebrae. 

from July 15 2007 my life hasn’t been the same i am in a
wheelchair and will be forever sometimes it really hurts to
think about my future and what opportunities i have missed
but i’m glad that i have the mind i do it helps also the people
who have helped me along the way couldn’t have been
better i am lucky to be alive and i am sick of people thinking
its cool to speed and have ‘cool’ cars. nobody died in my
accident and i am truly thankful for that i couldn’t imagine if
they were. but i’ve been told that its probably worse to be
paralyzed than dead, i don’t know what i think about that but
i know that both are pretty bad =\ 


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