Please stop asking..

For 10 years i have been differently abled, and for almost 5 years i have been a mother. My ability to be a mother is in no way negitavly  affected by my physical disability. Sure things are different, but i wasnt a fully abled mother and my children never had a fully abled mother, so this is all we know. 

Everytime i go out with my kids i am asked stupid questions, or people say annoying things. My number one hate is when my kids are sitting on my lap and people say ‘that looks like fun’ or ‘are you going for a ride?’ My children are young but this question always confuses them, because to them thats just how we get around same as any other mother holding her child, but the same people would never say anything to them. 

Both my mother and husband are very supportive and they help raise my kids same as any other family. I am always asked ‘who helps you?’ Or ‘how do you manage to look after them?’ Seriously? How does any mother manage? Its hard for us all but no matter our circumstances we manage! And children are very resilient, they only know what they experience. The assumption that i need someone to help me raise my kids is just so rude! There are so many disabled parents and even disabled single parents, some of us need help to care for children but that does not mean that we cant live without help! 

Perhaps i try to be too independant, like i have to prove that i can do it myself. Im stubborn, i know that generally people dont mean to be rude, comments like ‘how did you have a baby if your disabled? Did you use ivf?’ Sorry but the way my children were conceived is nobodys business! When did it become ok to ask such personal questions!? Im going to attatch a link that perfectly describes some of the questions and answers that are asked when you you a wheelchair

 10 Things I am Tired of Hearing



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