My year in hospital

Everyone who knows me knows that for the past year i have been in hospital. I came here for a tricky but easy surgery to correct a club foot that had progressivly gotten worse since my car accident 10 years ago. Anyway the surgery went well my surgeon was happy and the hospital sent me to rehab with a plaster cast on my foot. 

Rehab is where everything turned to shit. Firstly my surgeon did not want me in rehab yet as the foot was in a critical stage where it was at risk of moving and getting hurt. While in rehab i was unaware of my surgeons wishes and i participated in physio and did as i was told. 4 days after i arrived in rehab my surgeon came and was suprised to see me in rehab, he took a look at my toes through the end of the cast and ny toes were black! 

He became very worried and at that point i didnt really know why, i couldnt see my toes in the cast and i was concerned only by his stress. He took the cast off and then i understood his concern my entire foot was black! Like as black as coal!! He immediately called a plstic surgeon who was there in 10 mins and he suggested we put a splint on the foot and give it a few days before wd do something drastic like amputate the foot. 

The next day some of the colour had returned to some toes and some of the skin around the side of my foot but the majority was black, especially the top of the foot and my little toe. After another two days i was going in to surgery knowing that he would cut off my toe and all of the black/ dead skin and flesh, but that if there wasnt a sufficent amount of healthy skin left that he would have to amputate.

I woke up with my foot minus the little toe and a shit load of skin plus i had a vac machine attatched (negative pressure therapy) i still had a splint on but my foot was floppy and there wasnt enough skin to hold a splint or cast on for the amount of time required for the bone to heal. My original surgeon decided that our only option was an external fixation, to hold the bone in place and take pressure off the healing skin. 

So he attatched an external fixation, during that surgery i aspirated, i wasnt having a good time so far. Everything that could go wrong did! Twice a week and then once i returned to surgery to further debride and change the vac dressing a total of 49 surgeries!! 

The external fixation, and skin grafted area.
So finally my foot was ready for a skin graft, it was so exciting to me! A month ago now i had the skin graft and it was successful! Which knowing the slow way my foot was healing we didnt know if the graft would take or fail, but through the magic that is my surgeon it worked! Now we needed to get this external fixation off, it was kept on this long because it was protecting the wound and now that the wound is healed its ready to come off. There was a small issue with insurance but now i have my final surgery date and thats why im writting this post! My external fixation is coming off next tuesday the 28th! Which is soooo exciting for me! So please pray or send good vibes or think of me next week and lets all hope it goes well!